Friday, November 3, 2017

Translation / Interpretation service

Apart from being an acupuncturist I have been working for over 30 years as a freelance translator. Translation used to be the basis of my families livelihood, whereas I consider acupuncture my "calling". Since I could make our living on translation, I was blessed with the possibility of pursuing acupuncture treatment policies I view as idealistic.
However, the growing influence of the internet now drains most work into countries, where people can afford to work for a fraction of the usual rates in Japan, thus driving my "ideal acupuncture treatment" into a struggle for existence.

* From now on I am offering my translation/interpretation services directly to clients
Close to 100% of the translation work I did in the past I received through translation agencies. Naturally, those agencies retain their share/margin of the money charged. On top of that, those agencies sometimes have VERY strange concepts relating to translation work.
For these reasons I have chosen to offer my translation/interpretation services from now on directly to clients.
Thus, if anybody has any
* documents related to medicine/pharmacology
* documents related to technical subjects
* patent specifications
* documents related to ORIENTAL MEDICINE (a field, where qualified personal is probably rather rare!)
please … feel free to give me a call.

Translations are done usually at home
Regarding you interpretation needs: please call me with the relevant condition (time, place, subject matter, transportation etc.). Hopefully we can work something out.
(in the past I have been called as an interpreter as far away as Kyushu!)

Looking forward to your call
Thomas Blasejewicz

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